period CARE

monthly is a love letter to your period— our underwear are a self care essential, where you don't have to compromise comfort or functionality. We transform your period routine, so that you can have a simpler, comfier, and planet friendly cycle. Here's to better periods.

A Note from our Founder

"For me, managing my period became a difficult task. In 2022 I was diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction and that's when it clicked: menstrual cups & tampons were causing me pain (and it was not user error!) I realized that the people around me, no matter their unique period experience, were not completely satisfied with their products either. Whether their products were too big, small, bulky, tight, wasteful, restrictive, lacked inclusion... their experiences echoed my own. So I decided to create a new kind of period product brand — one focused on care, because myself and countless others need that the most when our periods get difficult. monthly is for those that want to change their relationship with their period, so its more manageable, comfy, and affirming to their unique period experience."

- Aiko Pickering, Founder & CEO