What is period underwear?

Period underwear are underwear with absorbent capabilities that absorb your blood flow. 

Why should I make the switch?

Period underwear are comfortable, better for the environment, and save you money! 

Who is monthly period underwear for?

Monthly underwear is for anyone who has a period! Our technology provides protection during periods, but also for those who have excessive sweat or incontinence.

Does the underwear work for incontinence?

Yes, our underwear can work for minor leakage or incontinence. For more information about how, visit our Our Technology section.

How absorbent are the underwear?

The Boxer Brief is designed for light to moderate flow.

Boxer Brief holds about 25ml. This is equivalent to about 1 menstrual cup, 3 super tampons, or 5 pads. 

How often should I change my underwear? 

For light or moderate days, we recommend to change in the morning and at night, but this is totally up to your unique flow levels! 

What do I do if my underwear does not fit?

We offer exchanges on unused, unworn, unwashed items. For more info on our return policy, visit our returns page. 

Are Monthly underwear safe?

Yes. Safety is our priority. Our products comply with with EU Reach Regulations. In addition to that, our fabrics have been certified through either STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, Global Recycled Standard, or the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

How do I wash my underwear? 

Your underwear can go in the washer machine with like colors on a cold cycle. (Do not put your underwear in the dyer!!!) Make sure to hang dry. 

More questions?

If your question isn’t answered there, contact us at hi@shopmonthly.co. We are always happy to help :) 


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